Hi! My name is Jonathan.

About Me

Who I am?

Jonathan Meier

communicator, boyfriend, programmer, medical informatics student, machine learning novice, movie and series gourmet, slack line no.Ob
I live somewhere in between Biel (work and study) and Rapperswil (relax oasis). Enjoying all kinds of things revolving around computers, data science and healthcare I love to bring new ideas to life - usually as web projects.

Don't hesitate to contact me via mail: mail@jntme.ch


Things I can do for YOU!

You need a website for you or your business? I can definitely help you with that. Together we determine your true needs and transform them into an outstanding result.

You want to take part in a startup but actually have no clue about anything concerning the IT equipment that is needed? Don't panic - I can do that for you. From buying the devices that suits your needs to setting up Mail, Calendar and team shared diskspace.

You have an idea for a web service, but no idea how to tackle it? Get in touch with me - together we can drag the beast into existence!